Why Shape a Mini Surfboard?

Like many surfers before them, the founders of Mini Shapers wanted to learn to shape their own surfboards. Before, they had always left it to the professionals. However, they had a workshop and the right supplies, including CAD software. Utilizing these valuable tools, they were able to draw a full sized surfboard blank that could be cut out of foam with a CNC hotwire machine. Despite their tools, the founders had no real experience making a surfboard. They knew that the project would be costly, take a lot of time, and would probably not turn out well.

To overcome these obstacles, the guys came up with the idea of making a miniature blank to practice on before trying the real thing. This is how Mini Shaperz was born. The company offers a small, yet quality, surfboard creating kit that allows those who wish to make their own surfboard practice and master their skills before taking on the real thing.

If you have wanted to know how to shape a surfboard, start with the Mini Shaperz 1/6th scale, realistic surfboard kit. Not only does the mini surfboard kit show you how to shape surfboards, but it is a fun, hands-on project that can will give you something great to display when you are done.

How Can I Shape a Mini Surfboard?

Sanding and shaping your own mini surfboard is the perfect way to pass the time while waiting for the tide to drop. Mini Shaperz makes it easy to learn how to shape a surfboard. When you purchasr a Mini Shaperz 1/6th scale kit, you will receive:

  • 1/6 scale rectangular balsa blank with pre-formed rocker
  • 1/6 scale template
  • Sanding block with rail shaping guides
  • 1/6 scale fin, pre-formed classic design
  • Various abrasives and foam backing pad for the shaping and finishing process
  • Ancient Chinese Secret Dark Tung Oil for a traditional finish
  • Display stand to show off your creation
  • Dust mask

These mini surfboard shaper kits include almost everything you will need to successfully complete the project. Along with the items from this kit, you will need:

  • An old t-shirt or rag for applying the Tung oil stain
  • A felt tipped pen for tracing the pattern onto the wood blank
  • Household glue for attaching the fin to the finished board

To reduce the sanding time, some people choose to use a serrated knife. However, the team at Mini Shaperz stresses that you use a knife with caution to avoid splitting the blank or over-cutting the template line. We really discourage the use of a knife and promise that if you start sanding you will eventually finish, and be very proud of yourself for tackling the job.

To use the kit to create your own mini surfboard, simply:

  • Cut out the surfboard pattern
  • Apply the surfboard pattern to the wood blank and, using a felt tip pen, trace the outline
  • Sand in an upward sweeping motion until you have shaped the board. Use the included dust mask during the sanding process
  • Measure each section, including the front, middle and end, to see if they are the correct width
  • Stain the wood and fin using the dark Tung oil stain and old rag
  • Once the stain has dried, attach the fin to the board with glue
  • Assemble the stand and display your new mini surfboard

This project takes a few hours to sand down the little board as well as requires drying time between coats of Tung oil. It is important to take your time and not rush in order to get that aged and classic look. Expect to complete this project in just a few days. Though it may take some time, you will appreciate your handmade surfboard for years to come.

How Do I Customize My Mini Shaperz?

Not only do Mini Shaperz kits show you how to shape surfboards, but they are also a fun and creative project for anyone who enjoy working with their hands. Our mini surfboards are also a great branding opportunity. Along with offering a great surfboard shaping kit, Mini Shaperz is happy to brand the blank with your logo, giving it a custom look. Along with blank branding, we can also design custom branded packaging. The team at Mini Shaperz has decades of experience working for some of the most respected brands in the surfing industry. If you prefer to customize your blank with your name, we are happy to accommodate that request as well!

Whether you want to build a prototype of a future board or you want to create a cool model to display on your shelf, Mini Shaperz is the perfect kit for you! Our mini surfboard kits will certainly help you learn to appreciate the beautiful works of art that professional surfboard shapers create with their handmade surfboards every day.

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