What is a great gift for a surfer?

What is a great gift for a surfer?

When you are looking for the best gifts for surfers, it can be tough to find something that is affordable, yet cool. Even coming up with gift ideas for surfers can be tough. Luckily, Mini Shaperz has the perfect gifts for suffers with our mini surfboard shaping kits.

The perfect gifts for surfers are things that remind them of their favorite activity; surfing. Why not give them a gift that is multifaceted, offering them the chance to learn how to shape their own surfboard, practice on a mini surfboard before trying the real thing and give them the ability to create something awesome that they can proudly display.

What does the Mini Shaperz Longboard Kit Include?

The perfect gifts for a surfer can be found in Mini Shaperz Longboard Kits. Each kit contains everything you need to shape your own surfboard including:

  • 1/6 scale balsa blank with a pre-formed rocker
  • 1/6 scale paper cutout template
  • 1/6 scale fin, pre-formed with a classic design
  • Sanding block with handy rail shaping guides
  • Sandpaper¬†and foam for properly shaping and finishing the wood
  • Tung Oil stain for a traditional and natural finish
  • Dust mask for safety
  • Display stand for show off your work of art

The one-of-a-kind kit includes the main components you will need to complete and display your own mini longboard! Unlike some model kits, our Mini Shaperz blank is mode of strips of real balsa board that comes pre-formed, including a rocker. Each kit also contains the necessary sand paper, sanding block and foam which allows you to create the right shape and finish. The natural, dark Tung oil stain give the finished board its stunning color. Not only has this oil been used by Chinese fishermen for sealing and waterproofing their boats for centuries, but it is also completely nontoxic.

How Can I Use This Kit to Shape My Own Surfboard?

This project is not something you can finish in an hour. Rather, time and patience will be required, but worth it when you see the finished product. Sanding the board down will take a few hours, as well as required drying between coats of Tung oil. However, the time will pay off when you get that beautiful aged and classic look. In total, you can expect to complete your mini longboard in just a few days.

To create your own mini surfboard using our kit, simply:

  • Cut out the pattern
  • Apply the pattern to the wood blank and use a felt tip pen to trace the outline
  • Sand in an upward sweeping motion and shape the board into the traced longboard pattern. Be sure to use the included dust mask during the sanding process
  • Measure each section to ensure they are the correct width
  • Stain the wood board and fin using the Tung oil and allow time to dry
  • Attach the fin with glue
  • Assemble the stand
  • Display and admire your new mini longboard. The natural lines of the stand will accentuate your new creation

Please note that this product is intended for ages 12 and up. If a younger child wishes to create their only mini surfboard, adult supervision and help is required.

Can I Customize a Mini Shaperz Longboard?

Mini Shaperz kits are the best gifts for surfers or anyone who enjoys working with their hands. A great way to make your gift more personal is to add a logo or laser engraved name to the wood blank. The team members at Mini Shaperz have decades of experience working for the most respected brands in the surf industry. This personal touch is sure to appeal to the person receiving the gift. Once they have completed the project, the personalized logo or name will make the mini surfboard even more appealing and special.

If you have a friend that has a passion for surfing, our mini surfboards are perfect gift ideas for surfers! Rather than buying another gift card or other impersonal gift, opt for a creative and fun project that anyone who enjoys working with their hands or surfing will love! Adults and kids alike can have a blast making mini longboards together!


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