Mini Shaperz FAQ’s


– What’s included in the kit?

– 1/6 scale rectangular balsa blank with pre-formed rocker

– 1/6 scale template

– Sanding block with rail shaping guides

– 1/6 scale fin, pre-formed classic design

– Various abrasives and foam backing pad for the shaping and finishing process

– Ancient Chinese Secret Dark Tung Oil for a traditional finish

– Display stand to show off your creation

– Dust mask

– What else will I need?

The kit includes most everything you need to complete and display your board. The only thing you’ll need is an old t-shirt (rag), a felt tipped pen and some household glue. A serrated knife can reduce the sanding time but must be used with caution to avoid splitting the blank, or over-cutting the template line. We do not advise using a knife. Just start sanding – you’ll get there!

– How difficult is this project?

It depends. For younger shapers, it will be a bit of a challenge. Ask an adult to help you. Our kit is recommended for shapers, ages 12 and up. For most adults, or anyone with basic experience in woodworking or model making, it will be a breeze!

– How much time does it take to make?

The total time to create a beautiful little board is only a few hours. But, there’s some drying time required between coats of Tung oil in order to achieve an aged, classic look. You can complete your work of art in a few days and appreciate it for years.

– Can you tell me about the wooden surfboard blank?

The blank is not just made from a single piece of wood. It’s actually made of multiple strips. Once the shaped board has been stained, you’ll notice the unique grain patterns in each strip. The blank comes pre-formed, including rocker. It is also thicker in the middle section and thinner in the tail and nose. This makes it much easier for you to achieve your finished shape.

– Can you tell me about the stain/coating?

A natural, dark Tung oil is provided, which is completely non toxic. Chinese fishermen and boat builders have used Tung oil on their boats for centuries, for waterproofing / sealing the wood.

– Tell me about the display stand.

The stand is a 3 piece design with beautiful natural lines that will accentuate your creation.

– Is it available in stores?

We are getting them into stores across the country, including Hawaii and beyond. Ask your local shop if they carry Mini Shaperz.

– Where can I get the best price?

You will probably save money by purchasing in a store and you will save money on shipping.

– Looks like a great gift! Who would be interested in receiving one?

Anyone who wants to make something with their hands would love one! Get off of the video game and test your skills! It’s a great project to make on your own, or with a family member. Adults and kids will have a great time making one together!

– Instead of the logo, can I get my name on the blank?

Absolutely! We can personalize your blank by laser engraving your name right onto it. You’ll be stoked! Please inquire for pricing.

– Can you put my company logo on the blank?

What a great branding opportunity! Not only can we brand your logo onto the blank, we can design custom branded packaging. Our design team has decades of experience working for the most respected brands in the surf industry.

– Can I get one already shaped and finished?

Absolutely not! Once you make it and display it on your shelf, you’ll be proud of what you’ve done. What else do you have to do, while you’re waiting for the tide to drop? Your friends will be jealous and want one, too!

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