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What is Mini Shaperz?

Mini Shaperz is a company that was formed by two lifelong surfers who share a passion for the surfing lifestyle, traveling and creating cool new things. The company’s founders have ridden countless waves around the world and realized that neither had ever thought about shaping and creating their own surfboard. Like many surfers, they had always left it to the professionals. The founders took advantage of their workshop and, utilizing CAD software, began to draw a full sized surfboard blank that would then be cut out of foam with a CNC hotwire machine. They knew that they would probably spend a lot of time and money figuring out how to successfully complete this project. They also knew that, realistically, it would not turn out well.

This led to the idea of making a miniature blank to practice their skills on first. Why not offer a small surfboard they can practice on before actually trying their hand at a full sized one? With this simple idea, a company was born. The team at Mini Shaperz knows that many surfers desire to make their own boards, but do not have the skills or experience to do so. That is why Mini Shaperz offers mini surfboard shaperz kits for creating a 1/6th scale, realistic surfboard right at home.

Whether you want to practice by building a prototype of a future board, or you simply want to create a cool model that you can display on your shelf, Mini Shaperz is here to provide you with the kit you need. Our mini surfboard shapers will provide you with a great experience in craftsmanship as well as help you learn to appreciate the true works of art that professional surfboard shapers create every day.

What is Included in a Mini Shaperz Mini Surfboard Kit?

Each mini surfboard shaperz kit includes:

  • 1/6 scale rectangular balsa blank with pre-formed rocker
  • 1/6 scale template
  • Sanding block with rail shaping guides
  • 1/6 scale fin, pre-formed classic design
  • Various abrasives and foam backing pad for the shaping and finishing process
  • Ancient Chinese Secret Dark Tung Oil for a traditional finish
  • Display stand to show off your creation
  • Dust mask

Our mini surfboard shapers kits include almost everything you need to successfully complete and display your own mini surfboard. Aside from the items included in the kit, you will need:

  • An old t-shirt or rag for applying the stain
  • A felt tipped pen for tracing the pattern onto the blank
  • Household glue for attaching the fin

While you can use a serrated knife to reduce the sanding time, we stress that you do so with caution to avoid over-cutting the template line or splitting the blank. Mini Shaperz discourages the use of a knife. We promise that if you start sanding you will eventually get there, and be proud of yourself for doing so.

What is Special About the Wooden Surfboard Blank and Stain?

Unlike some modeling kits, our blank is not made from a single piece of wood. Rather, it is made of multiple strips of wood. Once you have sanded, shaped and stained the board, you will notice the unique grain patterns in each strip. Each blank comes pre-formed, including rocker. You will also notice that it is thicker in the middle section and thinner in the tail and nose sections. This will make it much easier for you to achieve your desired finished shape.

Along with beautiful balsa wood, the kit includes a natural, dark Tung oil that is completely nontoxic. We have chosen this oil because Chinese fishermen and boat builders have used Tung oil on their boats for centuries for waterproofing and sealing the wood. Combined, the wood and oil stain provide a stunning and natural look that is sure to turn heads as people admire your craftsmanship.

Will It Take Me a Long Time to Complete My Mini Surfboard?

The total time to create a beautiful little board is a few day. It will only take a few hours to sand and shape the board, but there is some required drying time between coats of Tung oil. You must take your time in order to achieve an aged and classic look. Though it may take a few days for you to complete your work of art, you will appreciate it for years to come.

Can I Work With Someone Else on This Project?

Absolutely! Anyone who enjoys making something with their hands will love this project! Not only will it help you get off the video games, but it is a great project to make on your own or with family members. Adults and kids can enjoy creating a mini surfboard together. For younger shapers, the mini surfboard can be a bit of a challenge, so be sure to have adult supervision and help.

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